According to email statistics on average a person receives about 90 work emails a day, the ones that matter that is – this doesn’t include socials and spam that we’re bombarded with every day.

We’ve built up a defensive approach to all email that remotely looks like spam or marketing and I’ve no doubt the upcoming GDPR regulations are certainly giving people the chance to ‘prune’ the companies that can contact them! We ignore spam, resist clickbait and skip over the ‘have I got a great offer for you’ types – yet email marketing is still so effective if you get it right.

So what can you do to make your email marketing more effective? Simply exploring the following area will certainly help you on your way…

Segmentation… What’s that? It’s when you target a particular segment of your customer database – based on demographic, website activity, previous email activity or purchases. Top email marketing services state that email segmentation improves open and click rates and reduces unsubscribe rates – it feels less like spam!

Your customer database contains a lot of valuable information, one of the most effective ways to increase relevance is to segment based on shopping behaviour – research shows that campaigns sent with this type of segmentation result in almost three times more sales per customer than campaigns sent without so it’s worth spending the time to explore this option.

But it’s important not to forget the customers who haven’t purchased for a while – they might need a different type of nudge than your usual email – a segmented campaign for these might be exactly what is needed to re-engage them.

Firstly to create a re-engagement strategy you’ll need to identify your customers who don’t open or click your email campaigns often. Obviously, the best method of approach will depend on your brand and industry but here are some options:

Vouchers or Promo Codes – Good old fashioned offers; send inactive customers a special voucher or promo code and remind them that they once were interested and you want to find out how you could win them back! Maybe take the opportunity to showcase your top sellers or new products.

Polls or Surveys – Ask these inactive customers to complete a poll or survey in return for a free gift or voucher code – this way you’ll learn more about them and can re-target them in the future with additional campaigns and calls-to-action.

According to statistics the most successful re-engagement campaigns will typically attract about 10% of customers back so depending on the size of your customer database this could have a big impact on sales for very little investment!

If you don’t have an email marketing strategy or want your existing one to be more engaging then get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk through some ideas and get it working more effectively for you.

Posted on 12/04/2018 by Ben Young