Why are you launching clothing? That’s a good question and if you’ve already read the ‘about’ page on the Sequence Clothing website then this blog post will sound incredibly similar.

It all started back in November… Whenever I finished a logo design for a client, after the business cards, the next item they asked for was always branded clothing. Most of them didn’t need dozens of t-shirts – just a couple and a few hoodies and caps – they were proud of their new logo design and just wanted to have clothing to complete the professional look.

Believe it or not it’s actually quite difficult to find a supplier that will competitively price for small quantities of clothing and the process of submitting artwork, setup times and delivery made it a long time before the clothing actually arrived. Fortunately I found a great local supplier that I worked with to fulfil these requirements but it got me thinking… there must be a better way?

I came up with the idea to design and host individual online ‘Logo Stores’ for my clients, these would basically be websites just for them to order bespoke products with their new logo on; T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Caps etc. The idea being that these products would already be set up on the site with their logo, so they could order the products with the click of a button 24/7 and pay securely online!

I’d already produced all the clothing artwork so I just needed to design and launch ecommerce websites for each of them. So I set about finding some clothing suppliers that I could work with to provide a cost effective solution on small runs, impossible right? Nope, I found some awesome suppliers, the one that stood out agreed to produce single products and deliver within seven working days… at this point I actually realised I could make it happen!

Next I had to get cracking on producing some ecommerce sites – I learnt a massive amount in the process and met some really cool people who helped me along the way and earlier this year I was able to introduce the first online ‘Logo Store’ website to one of my clients and it’s worked out great.

But you’ve launched your own t-shirts? Yep, but it won’t just be t-shirts, I’ll be launching all sorts of clothing over the next couple of months; hoody’s, sweatshirts and caps are already lined up… but for now it’s just t-shirts.

Why, how did that happen? Well, during the process I’d designed several test t-shirts to see the print quality and ink coverage depending on how I set up the artwork. Most of these were quick logotypes of positive phrases that helped me through a tough year in 2016, they each had their own personal story for me and ultimately the reason for setting up on my own. I really enjoyed designing these and had so many compliments when I wore them that I decided I could set up my own online store as well… and Sequence Clothing is the result, click here to visit the site now.

I’ve spent ages choosing the right quality t-shirts for my store and at the moment there’s several options for men and women depending on the design – my favourite is the super soft ring spun cotton t-shirt in one of the heather blends… ok if you made me choose I’d say the royal blue! Anyway… please head over and check it out, I hope you all like it and would love to know what you think.

If you’re interested in a logo store for your business for clothing and other merchandise just get in touch, even if you don’t need a logo re-design I can set up the store for you.

Posted on 23/08/2018 by Ben Young