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Hey, my name is Ben Young and I run Sequence Design & Marketing,  I guess you’re here because you want to know a bit more about me? Well I’m not great at talking about myself but here goes…

I love working on creative projects and ideas whether that’s a new website for a client or a personalised ‘Desert Island Disc Book’ for my family I’m happy when I’m designing something!

I like gadgets, technology, all types of music, good coffee and I’m a movie fan – my IMDb watched list has 1171 ratings… Before you ask there’s only one 10/10 and as I grew up in the 80’s it’s obviously The Goonies! When I’m not at my desk I enjoy playing golf or taking a hike over a few hills with a nice view and a stop at a pub afterwards with my wife.

The short version of how Sequence Design & Marketing came about is that in April 2016 an unplanned sequence of events got me thinking about what was important to me and what made me happy – that paired with the time to watch a lot of Mel Robbins on YouTube made me realise I could make it happen!  I’m passionate about design and creativity and knew my skills could help people at the same time as doing what I love – a win/win – so I decided to explore the potential of setting up on my own.

When you get to know me you’ll realise that it’s all in the detail, I’m well organised, honest, transparent and loyal – but don’t take my word for it click here to see what my clients say about me!

If you’re interested in working together just get in touch with details of your idea or project and we’ll go from there… or if you’re interested in the long version of my story just keep on scrolling.

Wow, you want to read the long version… Well, after leaving school I studied engineering for three years and in my final year my Dad pointed out that I was more concerned on the layout and design of my reports than the theories set out in them – he was right, even then I had an eye for sharp typography!

I had the opportunity to take an apprenticeship in engineering however he encouraged me to explore my creative passion and take a course in Graphic Design.

I’ve never looked back… I completed a foundation course at The Berkshire School of Art & Design before going to University and obtaining a degree in Graphic Design. The following 14 years I worked as a Junior Designer progressing up to Senior Designer and for the last nine years as a Marketing Director.

In February 2017 I left my role as a Marketing Director and set up Sequence Design & Marketing… which at the moment is just me. I didn’t take a long time thinking about leaving, the decision was made during an awkward phone conversation and once the thought had entered my mind there was no stopping it! Nevertheless it’s a big decision to ‘hit the reset’ button and start from scratch but it’s something I’m glad I decided to explore.

That’s the story so far and I’m not sure what the future holds but I’ve definitely learnt that sometimes it’s important to be ‘comfortable with uncertainty’.

“Knowing what to do is never going to be the problem. It’s whether or not you have the will to make it happen!”

Mel Robbins | The Power of You

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