Anyone can design a logo… even Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer rolled up her sleeves in 2013 to help the design team launch the search engines new logo and Jay Z put his artistic style on new NBA team Brooklyn Nets’ logo in 2012. We’ve all read logo design do’s and dont’s; It must convey your brand values, it must be legible in colour and black and white, it must scale well to work on required medium and it must connect with your audience. We all have opinions on what we like and don’t like – what looks professional and what doesn’t – but most importantly to me you must LOVE your new logo!

Dan at Ridgeway contacted me as although he had been running a successful business for eight years he’d never found the time (or designer) to work on his brand identity or website – as a consequence he had used several ‘quickly-designed’ logos on business cards, van graphics and clothing and nothing matched.

The brief was to create a new brand identity for Ridgeway CBS that needed to be applied to various collateral throughout the business. Dan wanted a smart professional look and wasn’t keen on using common images used in his industry (Hammers/Plugs/Lightbulb etc.) The result was a striking, modern and unique logo with a colour palette that creates a distinctive ‘look and feel’ that is associated with the company.